Monday, December 20, 2010

Designing Women

Although I tired of fashion trendwatching a while ago, I love clothes and have always enjoyed expressing a part of myself through what I wear. It has been a personal and professional mission for me for some time to find interesting clothing for mature women, clothing which allows a woman to express her femininity and individuality, make her feel comfortable and pretty, and act as that punctuation point to a wardrobe of go-to staples. How lucky I am, then, to now be able to do this as part of the Artful Home business.

I am currently enamored with the clothes of Cynthia Ashby. Working out of Chicago, Cynthia has been marching to her own drumbeat for more than a decade, applying an artist’s hand – a woman artist’s hand – to the design of her clothing. Clearly she is a master of the cleverly cut seam, and she manages to create designs which flatter and forgive, are attention getters but feel right at home.

I wore one of Cynthia’s pieces at TEDWomen a few weeks ago, and was stopped often by women, wondering where I had found such an interesting piece which transformed my basic black into something outstanding. This is what women want and need and deserve: clothes to feel fabulous in, clothes which recognize their curves and allow their flaws, clothes which celebrate the fun of getting dressed.

This was the original concept for my business, Fifty/Fifty, and I am thrilled to see it coming to light under the auspices of

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring you are.. Right on!
    Cynthia's designs are simple, elegant, creative, and comfortable..
    TEDWomen.. Didn't know there was an off shoot of the TED organization..
    I bet that was awesome!!
    Going to check that out and go!
    Thanks for sharing this with me.. It's awesome collaborating with you and all the artist that contribute to Artful Home's overall mission of delivering inspiring pieces to amazing people.. Have a great day and rest of the year! Can't wait to see you in 2011!
    p.s. did your son move here yet? Lemme know and he'll have to come over for dinner sometime..
    Take care!