Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Purple is the new Black

I am not a purple person, but today I am wearing the only purplish item in my wardrobe as a statement of support for opposing the bullying - or should we call it torturing - that led to a teenager's tragic suicide.

It was so many years ago that we could chant "sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me" and know that that was a remote possibility. Today, we can spy, post, rant, text, smear, brag and tag with no greater purpose than to instantly and rampantly violate someone else's privacy. No better example of this exists than the depiction in the movie "The Social Network".

Why humans feel the need to degrade someone else has many roots and causes. That we do it intentionally is horrible. That we might encourage it through our own actions of indiscretion needs to be checked and curbed, and I am definitely talking to myself with this. That we observe it going on and do nothing about it is inexcusable.

Wearing purple today won't end bullying, but it is recognition of the issue. If wearing purple every day would change the world, I would consider giving up my wardrobe of black. Speaking out when we see observe reprehensible behavior, teaching our children, and not condoning emotional torture is the only way forward.

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