Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life at the Top

This will be a short post, as I am traveling (again) in Chicago for another photoshoot for Artful Home. In the old, pre-recession, big company days, a photoshoot often felt like a combination of hard work and glamour, with all the trappings of travel, producers, caterers,people assisting people, etc. Today is a different story, with just two of us from the company doing everything from driving the truck to unloading, from art directing to producing, from soup to nuts, with great people back at the office wearing just as many hats in the process. Did I think this is what life as a CEO of a small company was going to be like? I'm not sure. The crazy thing is, I like this a whole lot better. OK, full disclosure, if the air conditioning in the truck had not decided to die and our hotel had actually had the room we reserved, I would have liked it even better. But the hands-on nature of the work now, the ability to control and say that the buck actually stops here with no one else accountable or to blame, is empowering and liberating. And now I know I can drive a truck as well!

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